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Is there any special configuration required to enable CAN in NXP DEVKIT S12G128?

Question asked by Rajakumaran Azhagappan on Mar 2, 2018
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We have established driver software for CAN module in HS12XET256 and  the same is migrated to  HS12G128 controller. We see there is no  difference between the registers and configuration parameters for CAN module between the controllers except that HS12G128 supports only the CAN0 module. Since CAN0 has been used for HS12XET256, that difference is also ruled out.


Currently we use NXP DEVKIT for S12G128 controller for our development purpose. In that we find CAN messages are not available in the CANH, CANL pins available in J8 connector. We could see the Tx Error count keep on increasing and the module is switching between the Bus-off state and normal state in the SFR's using PE debugger.


We suspect, the problem must be related to development kit but sadly there is no clue in the user guide. Can someone help us through the problem?


Note: There is no voltage available between J8[VBAT(3),GND(4)]pins as in the user manual.


Thanks in advance.



Rajakumaran A