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How to program the NTAG 413 for Secure Unique NFC Message (SUN)

Question asked by Rahiem Klugh on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by Jake Laz

I am trying to create an iPhone app that will be able to detect if a tag is authentic or not. I am trying to to figure out how to program the NTAG 413 to perform a Secure Unique NFC Message (SUN). I am using a uTrust 3700f reader/writer and NXP TagXplorer software to program the tag.


According to the NTAG 413 specifications, the following is stated:


"Besides the NXP originality signature and a 3-pass mutual authentication, it introduces a novel security feature called “Secure Unique NFC Message (SUN)”, which automatically generates tap-unique tag authentication data upon each read-out what enables dedicated unique communication to each user based on predefined criteria. No app (in NFC device) is required to generate this tap-unique data consisting of CMACed information derived from the chip UID, a tap counter and contained data. An NFC enabled device can automatically connect to a web based service and based on the information contained in URL, the device can check the tags authenticity and verify the information validity. NTAG 413 DNA offers flexibility to individualize the structure of this unique data set."


How do I activate this feature of the tag? Any detailed technical information or tutorial for Secure Unique NFC Messaging?