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QuadSPI_SR: BUSY bit stuck

Question asked by Volker Haspel on Mar 1, 2018

Hi, i'm using a ls1046a with n25q128a nor flash.
U-Boot is able to erase, read and write small data but if I try it with more data, get timeout:
fsl_qspi_claim_bus: Timeout (reg=000000000155015c mask=00000007 wait_set=0)
ERROR : The controller is busy
SF: 639916 bytes @ 0x10000 Written: ERROR -110

As you can see, I stuck in the function fsl_qspi_claim_bus. The register QuadSPI_SR has the value: 0x00380001
The busy bit is set and also the RXFULL bit is set. RXFULL bit description in in the datasheet:

RX Buffer Full. Asserted when the RX Buffer is full, i.e. that QSPI_RBSR[RDBFL] field is equal to 32.

But in my case, the QSPI_RBSR register is 0x00000000
Has any one an idea, what's going wrong?