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GTM in MPC5777M

Question asked by Axel Rietschin on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Vyacheslav Vasylenko

I'd like some clarification regarding the Generic Timer Module included in the MPC5777M.


Do I understand correctly that I have to purchase the GTM Configuration Tool ($4K) to generate the GTM configuration code? It does not seem realistic to work with only the reference manual.


Also, do I understand correctly that the GTM Configuration Tool tool only supports the HighTec®, Wind River®, and Green Hills® compilers, and not the free NXP S32 Design Studio IDE tool suite?


Is the GTM Configuration Tool generating code for the MCU, or code that gets loaded into the GTM itself which (likely?) requires a special toolset, in which case what if the cost of the GTM toolset? Is that in addition to the $4000 for the GTM Configuration Tool itself?


I had a look at AN4351. Is there another AN or sample(s) demonstrating how to implement engine sync (angle clock) with the GTM? I eyeballed GTM104 and there is only one mention of 'crank signal' on page 477. Does the GTM configuration tool make it easy to configure any crank/cam patterns for engine sync?


I hope to be wrong but this seems to put the most interesting MPC5777M completely out-of-reach of makers and inventors.


Thanks for any answers!