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Hi,Recommended CW license type for me

Question asked by Alexandru Stefan on Mar 1, 2018
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Been using the free license for the past 3 years or so, but just went over the code size limit a few weeks ago. The plan is to migrate to the newer range of NXP IDEs anyway for the next product, but, unfortunately, it seems we'll have to buy a license to finish off the current product.


Essentially, in our company, there's only one person working with CodeWarrior at any one time. The difficulty comes from the fact that, although the bulk of the work is done from my work PC, I need CodeWarrior running on my laptop as well, for the weeks when I'm away from the office testing. The license server solution seems to not be the optimum solution, as it seems convoluted to set up for access from the Internet and can slow down the app. So should I get the node locked version? Can I use it without an USB dongle initially - there's no USB dongles in stock with any of the European distributors it seems.