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VOIP calling application using the Linphone library on i.MX-6

Question asked by Megha Valishetra on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2018 by Megha Valishetra


I am working on i.MX-6 Yocto Jethro. I'm trying to build a VOIP calling application using the Linphone library. When I try to make a call using linphonec on the console window application.


I face the following issue,

1) I face certain misbehavior, During the first instance I make a call, the call happens without any issue, but when I try to make a second call to the same sip address, it remains idle until it says “Request timeout” and an error “Call 2 with error.” the call does not go through. I have checked for background process which might be blocking but I couldn’t find any. The network is also stable . 


2) I have connected a USB camera to the i.MX-6. When I try to run the linphonec  -V which should enable the self-view of the camera, it opens a black window along with this error "ortp-error-Could not find suitable format or Xv port to work with"


3) Although proper sound cards are chosen, during the first instance of the call, I am unable to hear the audio feed.


Please, help me in solving these issues.


Thanks in advance.