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MFS space limitation on SD cards?

Question asked by Mark Scovel on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by Adrian Rockall

We borrowed (copied/modified) the SD card example in KSDK and got MFS working on an SD card (thank you Freescale for the most robust enablement on the planet).

We've grown our funcionality to include reading and writing files to the SD card and it works well.

But we have a (very consistent) problem when approx 1.9 GB has been written to the SD card (after a fresh windows format) where files can no longer be written, opened, ioctl, read or anything.

It appears that if we delete files from the SD card, we can resume reading/writing/opening files just fine until space fills again.

We think it has to do with the partition manager (limit) but reading around does not tell us that is the real problem.

We've considered removing the partition manager (our reading suggests it isn't needed but we admit we haven't read enough).

But removing the partition manager causes other problems.

And it looks like MFS wants the sector size to be 512 bytes but windows only allows 8k, 16k, or 32k).

Where to turn? Any help is very much appreciated!

PS: KSDK 1.3, KSD 3.2, K65 (tower and custom target board)

PPS: SD card is a 32 GB card, quick formatted as 27.9 GB