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How to add clusters to JN-AN-1184

Question asked by dostshah on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

I am trying to add Door Lock cluster to JN-AN-1184 End Device Template. I am trying to follow the following document

ZigBee 3.0: Adding Clusters  ( it is for ZigBee 3.0 , I couldn't find one for ZBPRO). 


I am facing some issues. 
1) There is no zcl_options.h file in the template so how can I add clusters to the template? 


2) Do I need to alter the make file to add enable some module as mentioned here


For cluster belonging to General domain, the cluster code is automatically build and linked but for other domains, the compiling and linking needs to be enabled. As Temperature Measurement belongs to Measurement and Sensing domain, enable the cluster code in Makefile: