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LPTMR does not work in low-leakage modes VLLS.

Question asked by Alberto Martin on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Kerry Zhou



I am using a Kinetis MK60 microcontroller and  it enters correctly in vlls3 mode.
I want to count the milliseconds that it is in VLLS3 mode. So, I want to use the LPTMR.

This is the code that I called before entering VLLS3:

  SIM->SCGC5 |= SIM_SCGC5_LPTIMER_MASK; /// Activamos.
   LPTMR0->CSR = (LPTMR_CSR_TCF_MASK | LPTMR_CSR_TPS(0x00)); /* Clear control register */

  LPTMR0->PSR = LPTMR_PSR_PRESCALE(0x00) | LPTMR_PSR_PBYP_MASK | LPTMR_PSR_PCS(0x01);    /* Set up prescaler register */

   LPTMR0->CSR = ( LPTMR_CSR_TPS(0x00) |  LPTMR_CSR_TFC_MASK | LPTMR_CSR_TEN_MASK); /* Set up control register */


This works correctly.
But when I wake up by LLWU, the LPTMR module is off.
This is because in the SIM_SCGC5 register the SCGC5_LPTMR bit is set to 0.

What can you owe?
How can I operate the Low-Power Timer in low-power mode?