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GIC- 400 interrupt grouping can be done only in EL3?

Question asked by Vijaykumar Desai on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by bpe



I am using LS1046ARDB board. I have an U-boot from NXP [default one] which leaves me in EL2 at the startup [so non secure]. It is fine for me for my application. But I want to configure GIC-400 for interrupts.


But I see that the "GICD_IGROUPR" register to group the interrupts together can only be configured in secure mode [does this mean only in EL3 mode?] and the RAZ in non-secure mode, so i can not even see what is the configuration done [I see 0, but does not mean it is zero as it is RAZ in non secure mode]. And if I enable the GIC and send a SGI I done get any interrupt. Is it because all interrupts are grouped as group 0 [secure] and I am in EL2 [non secure]?


There should be a way to configure GIC-400 even from EL2 right?