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jn516x retries

Question asked by NATI LAZAR on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by NATI LAZAR


We are moving now from jn5148 to jn5164

 I have some problem with the new part


  1. I am not getting MAC_MLME_CFM_OK

     when I am trying to change the  retries of the MAC

                                sMlmeReqRsp.u8Type = MAC_MLME_REQ_SET;


                                                                = MAC_PIB_ATTR_MAX_FRAME_RETRIES;


                                                                = TAG_MAC_RETRIES;

                                vAppApiMlmeRequest(&sMlmeReqRsp, &sMlmeSyncCfm);

  1. on the tx packet after good sending I am asking for MAC_ACK but I am always not getting on the deferred event psMcpsDcfmInd->uParam.sDcfmData.u8Status == MAC_ENUM_SUCCESS 

please help me to understand what could be the problem for not getting mac acknowledgment

if possible please send me exsample code



Thank you