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Location of definition of IOMUXC_BASE_PTR?

Question asked by DJ Regan on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by DJ Regan

Hello IMX Community,


I have a really quick question...

For folks using Pin Tools v4 with IMX6ULL: Where is the definition of 'IOMUXC_BASE_PTR' within auto-generated source files 'iomux_config.c', 'iomux_config.h'?


It doesn't appear to be defined in any SDK_2.2_MCIM6ULL source sub-folders. The closest definition I've been able to locate is 'IOMUXC_BASE_PTRS' defined in SDK_2.2_MCIM6ULL/devices/MCIMX6Y2/MCIMX6Y2.h (for example).


Anyone else have an issue locating the definition for 'IOMUXC_BASE_PTR' within 'iomux_config.c'?


Thanks much in advance,

--DJ Regan