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KW41Z bricked (secured + flash protection)

Question asked by Thomas Bigler on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Thomas Bigler

Hy everyone!

I have a question concerning recovery of a bricked KW41Z (on a Rigado R41Z Evaluation Board).

When testing Segger Embedded Studio I didn't check if the area for setting flash secure and mass erase bits was exluded from allowed memory ranges (trusting the default settings).


J-Link can now access the device but it cannot erase or unlock it.

"Readout protection is set and mass erase is disabled. J-Link cannot unprotect the device."


After some research, finding tips for unlocking other Kinetis MCUs I currently think that there is no way of recovering the device.

But I wasn't able to find something KW41Z specific. So my question: Is it really dead?


Thank you and best regards