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Migrating from CW 10.6 to KDS 3.2

Question asked by David Raisfeld on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Alice_Yang


I am using CodeWarrior for a while it is great! working perfrectly. My project uses MKL16ZZ128 with Proccessor Expert tool. I have a problem that my code size is above 64K (codewarrior can't program above 64KB? ) and I read that it is time to move to KDS.


I downloaded KDS and installed it and tried the porting guide and I am sorry but it doesn't work ( after reading in the this forum it worked only few people).

I opened a new project and copied my source files & PE components and I was amazed but it compiled (with little help), but the debbuger interface with P&E multilink is bad, much worst than with CW 10.6.


I get a lot debugger problem for example:

1. source not found.

2. don't close connection to P&E when I stopped my running and more.


IS there any complete guide to transfer CodeWarrior to KDS?