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HELP!!  FS6511 FS0B pin always be low

Question asked by 树滨 陈 on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by lei he

I am using the Safety Power System Basis Chip fs6511.In normal stituation,the FS0B should be high voltage.But now the FS0B always be low, and the unnormal thing is that the WD_ANSWER register FSxB bit is 0. It seems mean that there is no fail-safe event but the FS0B still be low.




I have made the FS0B pin to pull-up. The faults I had configured to not impact the FS0B.


And I release the FS0B at first. But I am not sure whether FS0B should release every watchdog window.


This is the register that I read. FS0B is low.


Who can help me......