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DTS devicetree lcdif reset config [SOLVED]

Question asked by mat kattanek on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by mat kattanek

Running now my custom IMX^ULL board with attached lcd display. Compared to the imx6 EVK I had to re-configure some of the I/O pin configuration. Plus I removed some obsolete functionality from the DTS configuration.


One thing I cannot warp my had around is how to properly set the LCD RESET pin.

Opted for using GPIO_3_4 on this board and editing the imx6ull-14x14-evk.dts file. Especially the pinctrl_lcdif_reset: lcdifresetgrp  group is giving me some headache: I tried to setup the following:


pinctrl_lcdif_reset: lcdifresetgrp {
   fsl,pins = <
    MX6UL_PAD_LCD_RESET__GPIO3_IO04 0x79 !!if enabled lcd NOT working



pinctrl_lcdif_reset: lcdifresetgrp {
   fsl,pins = <
     MX6UL_PAD_LCD_RESET__LCDIF_RESET 0x79 !!if enabled lcd NOT working


In both cases the GPU is not started with that configuration. I see the following error message in the syslog:

   imx6ul-pinctrl 2290000.iomuxc-snvs: failed to get pin(69) name
   pinconfig core: failed to register map default (1): no group/pin given
   mxsfb: probe of 21c8000.lcdif failed with error -22


As a result the lcd display is not updated.

If I remove the lcdif reset group, the display works fine though


Any clues on how to spec GPIO3_4 for the lcdif reset group?