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Question asked by jixiang li on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by jixiang li

Hello everyone:
        I have a question to ask everyone. The S9S12ZVCA192 chip is now being used to use it for motor control.
       Other functions are all normal, including the pulse width modulation module can also work normally. When I use pulse width modulation module to increase duty cycle of output gradually, the motor can run normally, but when I set up duty cycle abrupt change, the motor doesn't work. It feels like chip reset or crash.
       The chip is powered by an external 12V power supply. The duty ratio is suddenly set up. For example, when 0 suddenly changed to 100%, is the chip affected by external power, causing the motor to not work? What registers do I need to set up? How to solve it?
      Thank you so much!