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fatal error: device_registers.h: No such file or directory

Question asked by everk image on Feb 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by everk image

The total error message is:

../Generated_Code/Cpu.h:61:30: fatal error: device_registers.h: No such file or directory.


I'm using S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture and create  a example project named pit_periodic_interrupt through menuitem "S32DS Project from example".But by default,the project have only two configuration options:Debug_Flash & Debug_RAM,i wanna create a release version bin file,so i create a new configuration option named "Release" in "Create New Configuration" dialog,and i choose the "Default configuration" option and select the "Rlease" in dropdown list.


Then first i generate the PE codes,after that i build the project and get the error message.


I find the device_registers.h in ${S32_SDK_PATH}/platform/devices,so i add this path into "Standard S32DS C Compiler".Includes,but still doesn't work.