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Recommended mcu for 2-state kalman filter

Question asked by Johan Gustafsson on Feb 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Shubhadip Paul



I would like to design a circuit board using an accelerometer to monitor high frequent and high accelerations (a blasting sensor, construction machine sensor). The sensor will monitor all 3 directions, but will filter these independent as the sensor is not supposed to rotate (less than 1 degree movement). It will be equipped with a 3-directional mems-sensor and 3 independent geophones that measures velocity.


The filter

I will sample the mems-sensor and the geophones at 2-4 kS/s (probably 4 kS/s), and perform a simple kalman filter. It'll only look in one direction per filter, thus have only 2 states = acceleration and velocity, and 2 measurement corrections.


This filter will be tripled for each direction.


Times and updates

The output from the filter will be sent over GSM/Radio to a base station/server. This can be performed at times when there is movement below a certain threshold on the sensors, thus no need for the filter to run.



What MCU do you recomend for this filter? Would having 3 x 2state filter running at 4 KHz be any problems for the sensors boards?


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