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I Can't set FlexCAN Ctrl2 register ISOCANFDEN bit to 1.

Question asked by wen hongkui on Feb 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Martin Kovar

MPC5748G 的 FlexCAN模块,想使用FD模式,但发现CTRL2_ISOCANFDEN位不能置1.确认已经在Freeze模式。





I want to use the FlexCAN operates using the ISO CAN FD protocol (ISO. 11898-1), I use the chip MPC5748G, the chip will need to register CTRL2 reference manual ISOCANFDEN position is 1, but in MPC5748G.h in the absence of such a definition, I added, in the software in the operation also has been unable to successfully register, CTRL2 ISOCANFDEN is always 0. has been confirmed in Freeze mode.


I Sample MASK is SPC5748GSMKU6_1N81M_QAD1731AD