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Including AVS in yocto with custom sound card

Question asked by Ganapathirao pilla on Feb 24, 2018


I am using i.mx7D PicoPi board.

Previously I was tried to build AVS in fsl image locally. But now I found a link which is providing the info to build Alexa SDK using yocto: " ".


In this image every dependency is added and AVS is working well, but I am unable to add a custom sound card to this  kernel image. I added the corresponding driver files and did the configuration in corresponding Makefile and Kconfig file and in device tree file also.

When I am trying to enable my sound card driver from menuconfig, it is not getting effected in the final image. And the when I am checking back the kernel configuration in menuconfig editor, the driver is deselecting.

When I did this in fsl normal image, the sound card is added successfully and I am able to record the voice.

Help me regarding this..


Thanks in advance..