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TDA8029 smartcard

Question asked by Rakshith KS on Feb 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by Jonathan Iglesias

1) We are Designing the SMART CARD Interface using TDA8029HL Chipset and following the Datasheet Connection details as per attachment.
2)     We are giving input VDD=3.3V and DC in VTG=3.3V
3)     We are using UART Interface for communication between TDA8029 and PC.
4)     We are not getting response from TDA8029 ( I have attached reference Image below)
5)     We are using NXP_TDA8020demo Application for testing.
6)     We are not getting VCC VTG from PIN11 (TDA8029)
Kindly suggest us what could be the issues,also let us know if require more information.