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MK22 - Fail to flash it

Question asked by Antonio Oliveira on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Hey Guys,


I have a custom board with the MK22FN1M0VLL12 1N41K.


I have pull up resistors in the reset_b and EZP_CS (10K each), and 10ohm resistor with 47mF to slow down the power startup. Other signal; VBat connected to 3V3, VREFH and VREFL connected to 3V3 and GND, all VDD and VSS connected, no cristals


Using Jlink Lite or Jlink commander I can connect the MCU, erase it, and unlock it, also can access the memory. I acn see the erase working and there are no errors at all. After the erase the reset_b goes high, but if we do a power off and a power on the saw wave in the reset_b it shows up again, it does not go away. When I try to upload (flash) a sketch through KDS I go a time out error. So I am unable to change the factory state in this MCU.


All the connections are ok and I just welded the minimum components to do the first erase and upload. I have used the same process with the MKL05, MKE06, and MK10 and everything was ok, and easy.


So my questions are:


What else more can I try? I am running out of options.


Has someone successfully put the K22 in a custom board to work using a probe like Segger Jlink ?


Any help on this issue will be very appreciated.


Best Regards,


Antonio Oliveira


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