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MKV58F1M0xxx24 i2c + edma

Discussion created by mike snyder on Feb 22, 2018
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Hi nxp. First time poster here. 


I have successfully used the fsl_i2c module to do blocking calls to I2C reads. 

That is all working. 


I would like to iterate on this to get EDMA working. 

I did not see any examples with EDMA + I2C. 

FWIW, EDMA + SPI is working nicely and I was hoping I2C would be just as easy. 


Here is the code I'm using.

I based it on the API docs in the Kinetis SDK 2.0 manual, and my functioning EDMA SPI example. 


The failure mode is that the I2C_MasterUserCallbackis not firing. 


// I2C init

i2c_master_config_t masterConfig;
masterConfig.enableHighDrive = 0;
I2C_MasterInit(I2C0, &masterConfig, CLOCK_GetFreq(I2C0_CLK_SRC));


// EDMA init

uint32_t i2cChannel == 19U;
edma_config_t userConfig;




DMAMUX_SetSource(DMAMUX, i2cChannel, kDmaRequestMux0I2C0);
DMAMUX_EnableChannel(DMAMUX, i2cChannel);


EDMA_Init(DMA0, &userConfig);


// Clear handles. Is an intermediary handle needed.
memset(&(i2cEdmaHandle), 0, sizeof(i2cEdmaHandle));
EDMA_CreateHandle(&(i2cEdmaHandle), DMA0, i2cChannel);

I2C_MasterCreateEDMAHandle(I2C0, &i2c_edma_m_handle, I2C_MasterUserCallback, NULL, &i2cEdmaHandle);


// transfer init

masterXfer.slaveAddress = 0x48;
masterXfer.direction = kI2C_Read;
masterXfer.subaddress = 0;
masterXfer.subaddressSize = 1;
masterXfer.data = masterRxData;
masterXfer.dataSize = 2;
masterXfer.flags = kI2C_TransferDefaultFlag;


// in my main loop, requesting data from I2C0

status = I2C_MasterTransferEDMA(I2C0, &i2c_edma_m_handle, &masterXfer);
if ((status != kStatus_Success) && (status != kStatus_DSPI_Busy))
   I2C_MasterTransferAbortEDMA(I2C0, &i2c_edma_m_handle);
   // do things to handle fault


// blocking wait for the callback to fire


// callback definition 

static void I2C_MasterUserCallback(I2C_Type *base, i2c_master_edma_handle_t *handle, status_t status, void *userData)
   if (status == kStatus_Success) {

     // do stuff with results