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CLEV663b test apps

Question asked by Brennan McTernan on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2018 by Michael L

I'm attempting to learn the NXP NFC RD Lib. I have a CLEV663B version 3.0 board and LPCXpresso1769 evaluation kit. 

I'm finding it very difficult to figure out the lib so I'm trying to step things through using the example apps with the LPCXpresso v8.2.2_650 IDE. 


I doubt anyone can access this link but I'm using lib v5.12.00 .


This doesn't build out of the box. I'm following the instructions in AN11211. The error I get is below.

Thoughts? What am I doing wrong?


/bin/sh: Heap:Default: command not found
/bin/sh: Post: command not found
Memory region Used Size Region Size %age Used
MFlash512: 40 B 512 KB 0.01%
RamLoc32: 0 GB 32 KB 0.00%
RamAHB32: 0 GB 32 KB 0.00%
c:/nxp/lpcxpresso_8.2.2_650/lpcxpresso/tools/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-none-eabi/5.4.1/../../../../arm-none-eabi/bin/ld.exe: warning: cannot find entry symbol ResetISR; defaulting to 00000000
/bin/sh: Default: command not found
/bin/sh: Stack:Default: command not found
/bin/sh: End: command not found
/bin/sh: Default: command not found
make: *** [NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop.axf] Error 127