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imx6dl Camera not found when booting eMMC

Question asked by Fabrice TOCCI on Feb 22, 2018
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I'm building a product based on imx6dl microsom.
I want to capture pictures with OV5647 mipi camera


Same files has been loaded on SD card and into MMC memory (Kernel image, device tree)


Booting from SD card, the camera is found:
[ 6.493963] camera ov5647_mipi is found
[ 6.600860] mxc_v4l2_master_attach: 0
[ 6.636970] mxc_v4l2_master_attach: ipu0:/csi1 mipi attached ov5647_mipi:mxc_v4l2_cap0
[ 6.684490] V4L2 device 'Mxc Camera' on IPU1_CSI1 registered as video0


Booting from MMC, the camera is NEVER DETECTED!!
[ 10.048532] V4L2 device 'Mxc Camera' on IPU1_CSI1 registered as video0
[ 10.225106] mxc_v4l_open: Mxc Camera no sensor ipu0/csi1


Does anybody succeeded, detecting a mipi camera (IPU0/CSI1) when booting from MMC memory?


What could be the root cause of this problem?