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iMX7 mipi-dsi driver for u-boot

Question asked by Christian Kirmse on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Christian Kirmse

hi all,


I' just try to implement MIP-DSI support for iMX7 (sabreboard) in u-boot. I already searched thru forums and

google but  I don't found any useful documentation like an Application node on how to implement such issue.

The iMX7DRM of course describes the registers and modules but there is no detailed inform which clocks are needed (DSI interface, PHY etc), what relations are between them, what power sources must be enabled ans os on.

I know there ist the Midi-dsi-samsung one in the linux-kernel but for instance u-boot doesn't have a regulator module and the current version is use (2016.11) doesn't support DTB's.


So please could anybody give a hint on this issue.