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Does the MC Toolbox for kinetis V support  the MKV10Z64xxx

Question asked by Theo Pubben on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by dumitru-daniel.popa


I want to program the Kinetis MKV10Z64xxx microcontroller using the Motor Control Toolbox for Kinetis V in simulink. In the target list under Target MCU Config i can select only the MKV10Z32xxx and the MKV10Z16xxx series. The  MKV1xZ64xx and MKV1xZ128xxx series are not in the list, so can not be programmed.



- Is there another way to select the MKV1xZ64xx and MKV1xZ128xxx series, or is this simply not possible?

- If not, is it planned for the future to support these series?

- If both false, is there a work-around?


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