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Camera feed is no longer showing after converting iMX31 IPU display resolution from 8-bit to 16-bit

Question asked by Justin Carrel on Feb 21, 2018

Hello, I am currently working on upgrading a project which uses an iMX31 board.

It runs a Nucleus RTOS, with Segger EmWin graphics library, which directly configures the iMX31 IPU for output to an Ortustech COM35H3M10XTC LCD.  It was originally designed for 8-bit colors on an older LCD and now we are looking to cover 16-bit colors.

The IPU driver code was originally hardcoded for RGB 233 (8-bit) and we successfully converted it to support RGB 565 (16-bit).  However, the project also has a camera and the live feed is fed to a DISP_1 buffer while the GUI display data is in the DISP_0 buffer.  The software was set up so the GUI display (background plane) contains a green square upon which the video feed (foreground plane) is overlaid.  It worked just fine with the original 8-bit settings, but when I switch the IPU over to 16-bit, the video is no longer present, just the green square.  The original author of the IPU driver code is no longer available for reference and we are in the process of reverse-engineering his code.

Can anyone tell me what might be causing the foreground plane to stop overlaying the background plane when we switch to 16-bit display?