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Various AWS IOT components

Discussion created by gracy layla on Feb 22, 2018
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AWS IOT components are here give below in a clear manner.

  • Device gateway: It mostly enables the devices to communicate in an efficient manner with AWS IOT

  • Message Broker: It mostly provides securing mechanism for various things and AWS IOT applications either to receive or else publish the relevant information. Either to publish or else Subscribe, you can use the tools such as MQQT protocol directly or else MQTT over WebSocket.

  • Rules Engine: It is used in message processing and integration with other AWS services. SQL based type of language is used to select the data from message payloads, process and sending the required data to other devices as well.

  • Security and Identity Service:  In the AWS cloud, it mostly provides high security that keeps all the credentials in a safe manner to send required amount of data to message broker.

  • Thing registry: It is referred to some part of device registry. Here you can easily get register to your required things and associated up to three custom attributes with each thing.

  • Thing Shadow: It is referred as the Device Shadow where mainly JSON documents are used to store and retrieve data from current state information that may be device or else app.

  • Thing Shadow Service: It mainly provides persistent presentations of the things in AWS cloud. The updated information can be published with ease and it also can synchronize its relevant state when it connects.

    What Does AWS IOT offer?

    The first and foremost thing is that connectivity between the devices and the AWS cloud. With the help of AWS IOT you can easily communicate with various connected devices securely, low latency and low overhead. The major services of AWS IOT services support the various communication protocols such as HTTP, MQTT and Web sockets are supported in the best way. The communications are also secured using TLS

    • Connectivity between Devices and AWS cloud

    • Processing data sent from various connected devices

    • Application interaction with connected devices

    AWS IOT enables scalable, cost-effective and flexible solutions for the Organizations that are from starts up to global companies.