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Make CPU frequency on imx6s unchangable

Question asked by Alexander Hoppus on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Alexander Hoppus

I want to make CPU frequency on imx6s based board unchangeable. Even WFI call shouldn't affect. So far I observe the  CPU frequency cut off during processor stays in WFI mode.


According to technical reference manual for imx6s the low power mode, the processor will be transfered after WFI, is configured by LPM bits of CLPCR register (page 855). I have set LPM bits to 0x0 what is mentioned as RUN mode. From my understanding this should be enough not to put processor in any kind of sleep mode (WAIT or STOP on imx).

Is there something else behind this? Am i missing something here?


When I set mask bit for masking cpu0 WFI in CLPCR it didn't help too.  i.e. after WFI instruction CPU clocks are shutdowned. Why?


Suppose I use non-linux custom environment. I dont have any kind of DVFS in my system!


Thank you.