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Anticollision on MFRC630

Question asked by loichenninot on Feb 20, 2018
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I'm using the MFRC630 and I'l facing a strange behaviour. For information I used also the CLRC663 and I can see the same issue.

The byte where the collision has been detected by the reader is never present in the Fifo.


Here an example of my issue:

The third byte is having the collision at position 20, thus 3 bits are valids on the third byte. When I read the fifo length register, it returns a length of 2 and in the fifo the third byte is not present, even if I read more bytes. Consequently, I cannot continue the anticollision procedure.

I'm missing something?

I have read the demo kit code example and I cannot see any particular treatment to get the last byte.

I have the bit LoAlert set but when I uses only one card, this bit is also set and it seems not particularly anoying.


Any idea?

Thanks in advance