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Is my MCF5307 dead or not?

Question asked by Conor Caulfield on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2018 by Conor Caulfield

What signals should still be present on the pins of a MCF5307 even when it cannot boot properly? For example, should PSTCLK still appear on pin 184? A coldfire processor is used in a synthesiser I am working on. The synth fails to boot. The main CPU may be suspect. So I am trying to find a way to verify whether the CPU operational but 'confused' or entirely dead. Are there functions which an improperly booted or unbooted MCF5307 will still try to execute. My apologies if this sounds like a stupid question, I am trying to help a whole community of people who have problems with this synth. Many thanks.