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Need advice: Can't flash and debug with LPCXpresso.

Question asked by heru setiawan on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2018 by heru setiawan

Today, I just get error when flashing (use Program Flash) and debugging. below is the error message:


I use: LPC812 Max Board, LPCXpresso v8.2.2 [Build 650] [2016-09-09] Software.


LPCXpresso RedlinkMulti Driver v8.2 (Sep  5 2016 10:12:38 - crt_emu_cm_redlink build 725)
Failed on connect: Ee(36). Could not connect to core.
No connection to emulator device.


Any advice? Last week ago, I have successfully debug or flash, I have try to change another usb port, change cable, restart pc, reinstall lpcxpresso. but sadly the problem still have.