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How to disable Temperature Limit in iMX6 CPU Single Core

Question asked by Kunal Barot on Feb 20, 2018
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we are using iMX6 CPU single Core, at room temperature(25 C) we read die temperature is 57 C , and No application is running this time except Linux OS. and I believe after 85 C CPU fold-back the its clock when temperature hit the set 85 C,Correct me if i am wrong here.

first Why the temperature is high even i am not running any application, second why alarm point is set 85 C (die temp)

its too low, because i hit 57 C at room  temperature, and in real world it I run this to 65 C ambient , the temperature will go more than 85C ( without running any application) and clock will reduce so hence performance, Correct me here too if i am wrong.


And last if I need to increase its core temperature limit 85 C to (MAX -10C) , Let me know how it can be done in Linux.