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How to Quiesce FMAN before using DCFG_CCSR_QMBM_WARMRST

Question asked by A EAJr on Feb 19, 2018

I would like to warm reset QMan and BMan. 


I am doing a warm reset but I am concerned because the T2080RM section 27.3.32 indicates to first shutdown software portal interfaces and to quiesce FMAN before warm reset of QM and BM.


Section "FMan Software Reset Operation" says

"If the user does not want to lose any FD or TNUM, the software
reset operation can be initiated after the graceful stop operation"


I do not care about previous Frame Descriptors (FD) or Task Numbers (TNUM) since I am rebooting; therefore can I set FMFP_RSTC[RFM] after clearing FM_RSTC[FEE] and FM_RSTC[SFE], without doing a QMI Graceful Stop Operation?


(Note I am also ensuring the MAC clocks are enabled before soft reset.)



Thank you