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Can i.MX6 SDHC issue ACMD42?

Question asked by torus1000 on Feb 19, 2018
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I just want to confirm a SDHC command supported by i.MX6.


Does ROM code issue ACMD42(SET_CLR_CARD_DETECT) during boot?


Can uboot support ACMD42 to enable internal pull-up resistor inside the SD card?


Can anybody help me?

The DAT3/CD card detection mechanism involves an internal pull-up resistor inside the SD card,
which can be controlled by ACMD42 (SET_CLR_CARD_DETECT). However the specification says that
this is not a preferred mechanism for card detection. Moreover it won't work with MMC cards.
And last, this won't work with external pull-up resistors on the card interface.
The preferred card detection mechanism is a mechanical switch on the card connector.