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How to use QT On the IMX31-3STACK board.

Question asked by Ramesh Satyavaram on Oct 16, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2009 by Sutanu Mandal
Hi ,
 I am new to  IMX31 -3stack board. I want to develop a QT Applicaiotn on this board . I am using the   LiNUX  Bsp  "IMX31_PDK_LINUX_BSP_R13".  
 As i am new i do not know
 1. How to create a QT Application(Any Hello world progarm)?
 2. How to compile the QT Applicaiton.
 3. How to run the QT APPLICATION.
4. Any turorial on Usage of the QT On this board?
Could any one helps me? It would be a grate help for me.
Thank you,
S.Ramesh Chandra.