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3-phase Inverter Emulation

Question asked by Leon Thürnau on Feb 16, 2018
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in PMSM Module 5: V/F Scalar Control this Subsystem is used to emulate the 3-phase driver:

PWM_CMD looks like this, so the original is multiplied by 1000 and duty cycle is always between 0 and 100% (e.g. PWM_B at the beginning 700 = 70%):

If I'm right this means at the beginning the high side igbt PWM_B(H) = 70% and low side igbt PWM_B(L) = 30% ??


Now I want to simulate the inverter like this:


For this I have to get the Gate Signals called "G" but I don't know them.

How could I get them from the duty cycle above ?

The Inverter is working in complementary mode, so every time IGBT A(H) is on IGBT A(L) has to be off.

V IN(ON) Threshold = 2.6V, so the gates are driven by 3.3V directly by the controller.


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