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UART: How to get "Transmission Complete" interrupt ?

Question asked by Alexey Borisenko on Feb 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

I whish to get interrupt after all bytes writen to TXDAT already fully sent, so I can disable my external RS485 transmitter from that interrupt. Is it possible?


Can I be sure that when TXRDY set (and I'm not write yet one byte after that), transmission of next byte (which is just now pushed into shift register) already started, so if I set TXDIS immediately now, that next byte will be transmitted before transmitter stopped and TXDISINT interrupt generated, and I can then use that interrupt to disable my extermal RS485 transmitter?


When exactly TXDISINT will be signalled? at end of stop bit? or in the middle?


I'm using LPC812.