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FXLS8471Q in SPI mode,  reset pin to ground

Question asked by Francis B K on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by Constantin Razvan Chivu

Hello all, I am trying to connect fxls8471q accelerometer in SPI mode . But I am not able to read the device ID through SPI.

In software, I am configuring the MOSI line as Open Drain for floating at the first sequence. 

I am trying to read the who am I register using the following commands as

sending data bytes in SPI 0x0D, 0X00,0X00

Receiving data bytes as 0x00,0x00,0x00

SPI receive interrupt configured as receive timeout.

I need some help regarding the configuration of the FXLS8471q in SPI mode.


I found some tags conveying that with

reset high

make MOSI as floating 

reset low.


But in our design we connected reset pin to ground.

Please check the configuration of pins below.


pin configure

  1. VDDIO(pin-1) and VDD(pin-14) -  3.3V
  2. BYP(pin-2)-  connected as ground using 0.1uf capacitor.
  3. CRST/NC(pin-8)- connected as ground using 0.1uf capacitor.
  4. RES(pin-3) and RES1(pin-13)- connected to ground.
  5. GND(pin-5) and GND(pin-12)- connected to ground.
  6. CS(pin-10)- chip select.
  7. MISO(pin-7)- Master In Slave Out.
  8. MOSI(pin-6)- Master out slave In.
  9. SCLK(pin-4)- select as clock.
  10. INT1(pin-11)- interrupt 1.
  11. INT2(pin-9)- interrupt 2.
  12. NC(pin-15) 


Is there any possibilities of configuring fxls8471q in SPI mode without the usage of reset pin.