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imx6ul - use eboot to boot the eboot in winec13

Discussion created by vinothkumar s on Feb 17, 2018

Dear all,


I am working in imx6ul  project, OS is windows embedded compact 13 (winec13).

I am trying to use e-boot to boot e-boot, but got e-boot is not launching properly.

My eboot.nb0 and nk.nb0 work well at pure wince environment (eboot+winec13 kernel).

I want to boot eboot instead of nk.nb0 offset.

And I was configured eboot.bib and startup.s for our requirement. This eboot.bin0 working using u-boot by using tftp software.

The same image not launched using cfimager.


Default e-boot:   cfimager -f eboot.nb0 -raw -offset 0x400 -d E

Changed e-boot:  cfimager -f NK.nb0 -raw -offset 0x60000 -d E

ROMSTART=80041000 & 

$(TARGETNAME)    80040000