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kernel src header conflict with standard

Question asked by John Schluechtermann on Feb 16, 2018

I need to build against a custom header that is referenced through the kernel src which was placed into the sdk.  I have modified my Makefile for the program to include that directory in its search path -I $(ROOTFS)/usr/src/kernel/include.  I am able to find that file with no issues.  The issue that I am encountering is inside that file it references some of the <linux/...> files which are then being taken from the usr/src/kernel/include/linux directory instead of the /usr/include/linux directory and that is creating a huge number of conflicts since they do not match.  The whole structure I am building against was generated with the bitbake <image> -x populate_sdk, I just had some custom headers that require me to use the kernel src.


Is this the correct approach and if it is what do I need to change to get this to compile?