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Low power and freertos

Question asked by PO220 on Feb 17, 2018

HI everybody

I make an application on a KL27 with freertos and LLS. It works but I'm at the same point as whata at the end of this Tickless Freertos and LLS mode : ulLPTimerInterruptFired was being set too early.


I have started from demo Tickless for Freertos.

As shown in the freertos documentation I defined the 2 macros (configPRE_SLEEP_PROCESSING and configPOST_SLEEP_PROCESSING in FreeRTOSconfig.h with :

#define configPRE_SLEEP_PROCESSING(x)     x = 0; myConfigPRE_SLEEP_PROCESSING() // x=0 to not execute the 3 asm lines in fsl_tickless_lptmr.c


and file myLOWPWR.c with

    smc_power_mode_lls_config_t lls_config    = {.enableLpoClock=1 };


    DbgConsole_Deinit(); //arret du debug console

     /* Set up LLWU to receive interrupts from LPTMR=0U */
     LLWU_EnableInternalModuleInterruptWakup(LLWU, LLWU_LPTMR_IDX, true);


        SMC_SetPowerModeLls(SMC, &lls_config);



void myConfigPOST_SLEEP_PROCESSING(uint32_t xModifiableIdleTime)
        /* Re-enable console */
        PORT_SetPinMux(DEBUG_CONSOLE_RX_PORT, DEBUG_CONSOLE_RX_PIN , kPORT_MuxAlt5);            /* PORTE30 is configured as LPUART1_TX */






void LLWU_IRQHandler(void)
    /* If wakeup by LPTMR. */
    if (LLWU_GetInternalWakeupModuleFlag(LLWU, LLWU_LPTMR_IDX))
        vPortLptmrIsr(); // is in fsl_tickless_lptmr.c


With this, we go well on sleep and the weakup is working too but

    void vPortLptmrIsr(void)
        ulLPTimerInterruptFired = true; //<= this
        LPTMR_ClearStatusFlags(vPortGetLptrmBase(), kLPTMR_TimerCompareFlag);

is executed before

ulLPTimerInterruptFired = false;

in fsl_tickless_lptmr.c


Because of this the test

if( ulLPTimerInterruptFired )

                ulCompleteTickPeriods = xExpectedIdleTime - 1UL;
                ulLPTimerInterruptFired = false;
                /* Something other than the tick interrupt ended the sleep.
                Work out how long the sleep lasted rounded to complete tick
                periods (not the ulReload value which accounted for part
                ticks). */
                ulCompleteTickPeriods = LPTMR_GetCurrentTimerCount(pxLptmrBase);


prevents the good recovery of tickless freertos.


I solved the problem by setting the initialization of ulLPTimerInterruptFired  earlier


This obliges me to modify the file of freertos (fsl_tickless_lptmr.c) and I am afraid that it hides something...


>>Why  low power interrupt activate ulLPTimerInterruptFired earlier than the same without low power (jsute tickless) ?

>>how to fix this without changing fsl_tickless_lptmr.c ?


Thanks in advance