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adding kernel paches to imx7d picopi yocto

Question asked by Matti Sillanpää on Feb 16, 2018
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I'm using the picopi with yocto and trying to add some kernel patches to my package. I've watched several tutorials, read the yocto project tutorials, but I'm still a bit baffled what goes wrong.


So I've got meta-avs-demos -project from NXP codeaurora. It compiles OK out of box.


However I cannot seem to be able to patch the kernel and then do the full build.


I've followed these instructions to get the kernel sources, add the pathes and make successful build:

TipsAndTricks/Patching the source for a recipe - Yocto Project 

And that amounts to basically:

devtool modify linux-imx

cd workspace/sources/linux-imx/

checkout tn-imx_4.1.15_2.0.0_ga

git pull

git am /path/to/paches

bitbake linux-imx


This builds OK.

However if I try then make the whole package bitbake avs-image, this fails:

BB_VERSION = "1.30.0"
BUILD_SYS = "x86_64-linux"
NATIVELSBSTRING = "Ubuntu-14.04"
TARGET_SYS = "arm-poky-linux-gnueabi"
MACHINE = "imx7d-pico"
DISTRO = "fsl-imx-x11"
DISTRO_VERSION = "4.1.15-2.1.0"
TUNE_FEATURES = "arm armv7ve vfp neon callconvention-hard cortexa7"
TARGET_FPU = "hard"


ERROR: Task do_unpack in /home/build/workspace/sources/poky/meta/recipes-kernel/perf/ depends upon non-existent task do_patch in /home/build/workspace/sources/meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux/
ERROR: Command execution failed: 1


I've tried adding the stuff to layer (which is why I would like get this working in the first place), however it also fails.