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i.MX RT Performance questions

Question asked by Allen Vandiver on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by Carlos_Musich

Hello, I am looking for some performance numbers for the i.MX RT 1050.  I found the fact sheet that gives the DMIPs, but I have not found anything that mentions floating point performance (I am using LinPACK as my comparison).  


I haven't double checked, but I believe the i.MX RT has the same hardware floating point (3V3) as the i.MX6 (which is under consideration for a different controller), so would the numbers be comparable (scaled down a little bit due to clock speed differences)?  I found some numbers for the ARM performance, so I wouldn't be comparing it to the NEON figures.  The LinPack result I found for the i.MX6 is 101.4 MFLOPS.


I am also wondering if it has a PMU (performance Monitoring Unit), since I couldn't find that either.  I am assuming not seeing it in the documentation means it doesn't have one, but wanted to make sure.