Bad udp ckecksum Enet_mii_udp demo DEVKIT-MPC5748G

Discussion created by MANUEL MORENO-EGUILAZ on Feb 15, 2018


I have been testing the enet_mii_udp demo from S32 in a DEVKIT-MPC5748G.


Without modifying the mentioned example, checksum is always 0.


After adding the following lines from discussionMPC5748G ENET :

ENET.TACC.B.PROCHK = 1;  // Enables insertion of protocol checksum

ENET.TACC.B.IPCHK = 1;  // Enables insertion of IP header checksum.
ENET.TFWR.B.STRFWD =1;// Enabled Store And Forward, TFWR[STRFWD] field must be set to use checksum feature


a checksum different to zero is included in the frame. However, Wireshark tells me:

[bad udp cksum ...]


Any suggestions?


I do not understand the sentence from the Reference Manual "The checksum field
must be cleared by the application generating the frame."
Perhaps this is the problem.


Thanks a lot in advance,