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FreeMASTER embedded driver customizations

Discussion created by Leon Thürnau on Feb 14, 2018
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Hi dumitru-daniel.popa



Now I'm runnining on the target and want to check the variables with freemaster.

But of course here I have also some Problems.


The Freemaster block implemented in S32K is brand new and contains enhancements what are only available on S32K products (and for all future releases)

In the old versions we will not find all these option. 

Nonetheless, you can modify the behavior by hand. If you go to ..\mctbx_Kinetis\mctbx_kv\src\FreeMaster_files you will find a file freemaster_cfg.h that is copied into the generated folder. You can change this file to configure the FreeMASTER to use RECORDER and INTERRUPTS.


Without having any changes on the freemaster_cfg.h file I was able to start the communication and changed the addresses of the variables to my modified model.

But in the "Recorder Properties" I saw that you used very much more samples than I'm able to use.

So it is not possible for me to record a long time like you did.

Maybe this depends on the required changings in the freemaster_cfg.h file so that there are more possible samples or are there any further options ?




You already shared a Header file with the changings, but I do not find it any more.

Would you share it again and explain what I have to change ?


Best regards