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CW-Tools standalone for commandline build?

Question asked by ralphi on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2018 by Erich Styger

About 10 years ago I've written Firmware for the HCS08GT16A in Assembler (MCUinit and main) using CW6.3.

In 2017 some changes had to be made and the request of some collegues came up to build the firmware automatically on our buildservers. I did not really find information to do this task in CW 6.3. Since I've found tutorials to do the commandline build using CW10.x I've migrated my project to CW10.4 (which I had already installed some years ago). The resulting .s19 was nearly exactly the same. The difference was only the order of the parts in the flash memory (in CW6.3 it was start.c, main.asm, mcuinit.asm, in CW10.4 it was start.c, MCUinit.asm, main.asm). So far so good. So I tried the ecd.exe as written in the tutorial... And it works :-) Again so far so good!

But now the reason for my question: Our buildserver admin likes to have the necessary build tools in a "tools"-Folder which is committed to our repository together with the source files. Then the build can be done on each buildserver without installing software on them. If this is not possible we'd have to install CW 10.4 on one of these servers and the build could then be done only on this particular server.


So, is it possible to move all the necessary files for the build environment (no ide, debugger, burner,... needed) in a subfolder or must CW be installed completely on one of the servers?


Or if not possible with cw10.4, is it possible with cw6.3?


Every help is appreciated, many thanks in advance!

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