javier pernia

Can't make LF interrupt work! FXTH8715 tried everything

Discussion created by javier pernia on Feb 15, 2018

Hi everyone, i have been working with FreeScale FXTH87x for sending Pressure and Temperature at 434MHz. now i want to be able to activate de chip using Low Frequency at 125Khz. For now, i want the simples activation, i dont need to check data nor SYCN WORDS, only carrier. 


im been following the datasheet and the TPMS_FXTH87_LF_RF_Comunication example. and i took special attention to the function void vfnDataModeInit(void)  in szk_lf_data_detect.c changing it, with not luck of making it work.


Im using a MaxiTPMS TS401 as the activator.